About In Search of My God


Come, push back the hands of time and let your imagination soar through space to a moment on the edge of memory. Let us go into the dim past when the ancients lived, when the race of man first appeared on earth. But tarry just a moment. Let us take a giant stride and go beyond memory, beyond time, and see God in all His glory create the universe.

First originates the word Ahuna. Even as God enunciates it, a mighty crescendo shakes empty space, and atoms activate and form matter. Before your eyes, see the universe emerge from the black void: red boiling lava, granite, and all.

Rustam - The Warlord

Through this, man appears on earth by the will of God. The Aryan Man, the Noble Ones, the Aryas as they call themselves, descend from the roof of the world. They settle on the plateau of Central Asia which they call Aryana - Vaeja (Valley of the Noble Ones). These are the forerunners of the Iranis.

In time, the Great God Ahuramazda appears to Jamshid in a vision, and the religion of the Ahuras alights upon man. Legend and myth follow. Exciting deeds and mighty battles take place. Great kings and heroes rise up and conquer.

Then again, at the will of God, a great soul comes to earth, born of man. He is the prophet Spitama Zarathushtra who reforms the religion of the Ahuras into monotheism and calls it Zoroastrianism.

The Lord Commands

Read of his sojourn with God in the mighty Elbruz Mountains amidst the clouds. Discover his visions and the revelations that appear to him. Experience the moment he receives the Lord's Command, makes his way down from the mountains, and takes His message to the people. There are moments of despair and great pain, but always his faith in his God persists. Finally, he brings the people of Iran, and the world, a new concept: the Zoroastrian Concepts. A sublime religion is born: the Zoroastrian religion. For the first time: the belief in One God.

He gives the world his momentous work: the Gathas, a Bible for all humanity. Zarathushtra lives and professes his religion in the Kinian times. Later, history loses sight of the Zoroastrian religion, but it lies fermenting amongst the tribes of Iran. The Achaemenian Dynasty rises to power, and Cyrus the Great King brings the Zoroastrian religion back into the mainstream of history. This time it influences the entire religious flow of the world.